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The Color of Risk
African-Americans are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than whites. A new national program targets this dangerous disparity with community-based health education.
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Caring for Culture
Hispanics in Milwaukee are improving services for elders with Alzheimer's disease by customizing care to cultural attitudes toward dementia and medicine.

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Minority Report
Jennifer Manly’s research ensures that African-Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities are tested for dementia on a level playing field.
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Remembering the Future
Memory News

Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior is a new textbook from Catherine E. Myers, editor-in-chief of Memory Loss & the Brain, and Mark A. Gluck, the newsletter's publisher. The textbook provides an accessible introduction to learning and memory, including the latest brain research and implications for various neurological and psychological disorders. Although targeted at college students, the book assumes no scientific background, and can be read by anyone interested in how memory works.

Each chapter introduces readers to some aspect of learning and memory behavior, reviews the underlying brain mechanisms, and discusses how various neurological and psychiatric disorders alter these behaviors.

"An exciting, well-informed, and well-written discussion of brain mechanisms of learning and memory processes. The authors do an excellent job in presenting the emerging trends." - John Byrnes, Ph.D. Tufts University of Medicine

"The authors have done an extraordinary job of making the material entertaining and enjoyable and at the same time providing up-to-date information in a most readable manner." - Richard Thompson, University of Southern California


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