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Winter 2001

Editor's Note
Thoughts from the Editor.
A few years ago, the press reported findings from a research study showing that listening to classical music could improve...  Read On >>

Estrogen and Alzheimer's
Hormone replacement therapy does not appear to reduce Alzheimer's symptoms.
At menopause, the level of the hormone estrogen in women's bodies begins to decline, marking the end of their childbearing years. Some unpleasant symptoms...  Read On >>

A Storm in the Brain
Memory loss is one of the most common and disabling effects of epilepsy.
To many, the word "epilepsy" calls to mind an image of a person lying prostrate on the floor with teeth clenched, jerking with involuntary muscle spasms. But epilepsy has...  Read On >>

Smell Test for Alzheimer's?
Researchers at Columbia University in New York City recently showed that a subtle impairment in the sense of smell may precede...  Read On >>

Patient Profile
Memories Lost and Found.
It was a miserably gray and rainy morning. The note read, "7:45 AM. I'm off to walk a dog...  Read On >>

Memory Tip #3
Making Connections.
Many of us have trouble remembering dates, such as a friend's anniversary or the year he was born...  Read On >>

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