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Summer 2000

Letter from the Editor
As editor of the Memory Loss & the Brain newsletter, I was very pleased at the enthusiastic reception...  Read On >>

Memory News
Past Imperfect
The teenage years are both the best of times and the worst of times, but certainly - one would think - the most memorable of times.  Read On >>

Vascular Dementia
A diagnosis of dementia does not always mean an unavoidable decline.
One of the most feared consequences of aging is dementia, a set of symptoms marked by profound memory loss and impaired thinking.  Read On >>

Crossing The Line
When should you start to worry about memory loss?.
Most people get a little forgetful as they age. More often than perhaps you would care to admit...  Read On >>

The Truth About Confabulation
The rupture of a tiny blood vessel in the brain can produce distorted or erroneous memories.
If someone asked you what you did yesterday, you would probably recite a list of mundane facts: what time you woke, what you ate for breakfast, when you left for work. You would know these things to be true simply because you REMEMBER them.  Read On >>

Memory Tip #2
Give your brain a break.
Suppose you've run out of milk, and you decide to make a quick trip to the grocery store.  Read On >>

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